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Captain Dave "Big D" Atkinson

Whale Harbor Marina
Islamorada, Florida Keys

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- Captain Dave Atkinson is one of the most consistent fishing guides in the Florida Keys -

                         Jim Hardie
                                 Outdoor Fishing Writer
                         Miami Herald Newspaper

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Captain D's Fishing Video
Some good video footage filmed aboard No Politics in June 2001.
The video shows a hefty tarpon jumping close to the Whale Harbor Marina.
The fish was released unharmed






Catch the Excitement !

"Just imagine sitting in 18" of water as a bonefish tails in front of you with his fins glistening in the sunlight. The tide is falling and he is heading your way.  Youíre transfixed as he and three other fish tail up near your bait.  Will he eat it?  Not always, but sooner or later the rod bends over, the fish feels the hook and off he goes at speeds approaching 40mph.  As he charges the boat, the gray ghost senses your presence as he heads out to sea or toward a bayside channel.  The line slices through the water, like a knife cutting butter sometimes you can even hear the line hissing as it disappears from your spool at an alarmingly fast rate.  Everyone, including the captain, wonders if he will ever stop.  Yet, slowly the wild surge subsides as the fish turns toward the boat.   Eventually you get some line back on your reel, but whoops off he goes again, not quite as far but equally as fast. 

Finally, after two shorter runs, with numerous headshakes attempting in vain to dislodge the hook on the bottom, you sense that victory is near.  But wait, the fish hasnít found that out yet as he circles the boat trying to find a way to win.  It has been 20 to 25 minutes since your hook up.  Your prize is at boat side. You admire him, photograph him, and your captain carefully releases the silver torpedo to fight another day.  Trust me, you will remember this experience for the rest of your life.  You have caught a big Islamorada bonefish in the 9-12lb. Class.  Who knows, you might even beat the captainís personal best of 15lbs!"

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Captain Dave, thanks for the great bone fishing experience.  Catching the 13 lb. bonefish that you are holding was the most exhilarating fishing experience I have ever had!  This was 15 to 20 minutes of all the reeling in I could do.  When the first run ripped off two hundred yards of ten pound test line I was wondering if I could ever get the fish into the boat.  Talking about completing a bucket list experience, this was definitely one! Thanks for the wonderful afternoon.  Hayden Newell

Another Big Bonefish (12lbs) caught on Superbowl Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011 by Brian May from Indiana. My anglers caught 5 out of 7 with the largest
one being 12lbs and they actually mounted the fish in the photo.

11 Pound Bonefish Caught by Jack Atkinson 1/22/11

9 Pound Bonefish for Big D's Niece Kelsey!



No Politics Sportfishing specializes in Light Tackle Backcountry Sport Fishing for Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit.
The No Politics is a 17' Hewes Bonefisher powered by a 115 horsepower Yamaha outboard. 

Your Captain:

Captain Dave Atkinson was raised in the Tidewater area of Virginia and from those early days in the waters of Virginia, Dave became addicted to fishing. At the age of 16 Captain Dave began his career in Sport Fishing. After some seven summers working as a mate, the warm Florida sun led Captain Dave to Islamorada in 1974.

Since that time Captain Dave has pursued light tackle backcountry fishing with an enthusiasm that is evident as soon as you step aboard the No Politics. This addiction has made Captain Dave into the patient, and caring Captain that he is today.  The No Politics is all about consistency.  Our catch ratio on Bonefish is more than 90% and over 80% on Tarpon. Captain Dave is known around town as a "Bonefish Specialist" as evidenced by the pictures on this page.  The No Politics catches and releases more bonefish than any other fishing operation in the Florida Keys.

The Fish:

Captain Dave keeps track of the fish caught aboard his boat. Looking back over the 2000 season, Captain Dave's anglers caught and released 458 Bonefish during 144 fishing trips. During the Florida Keys Tarpon season, which runs from Mid-March through late August, anglers caught and released 115 Tarpon ranging from 20 all the way up to 160 pounds aboard the No Politics. Consistency. Clearly the way that a fishing Guide is measured, and Captain Dave ranks with the best.

Backcountry Fish Of The Florida Keys

Tarpon (Silver King)


Redfish (Red Drum)


Bonefish (Grey Ghost)

Speckled Sea Trout

The Fishing Day:

The No Politics is available for 1/2 day and Full day charters. During the Spring and Summer months, Captain Dave likes to break his tarpon trips up into early Morning trips and Evening trips which are the prime times for the Silver King.  Bonefish are susceptible to to the midday sun during the summer, so Captain Dave likes to fish the hours of 7am to 11:30 am. During the winter months, the whole day and evenings are available for fishing. Call Captain Dave to discuss your options.

What to bring:

During the Winter months, you will need sunscreen and a light to medium weight jacket and hat. In the Spring, Fall and Summer months you might consider wearing a long sleeve shirt to better protect you from the intense sun. We supply all bait and tackle as well as ice and a cooler for your food and drinks.

Call today to book your trip as prime months fill up fast.
Let Captain Dave Atkinson show you to an exciting and productive fishing trip that you'll never forget aboard the No Politics. Fishing is casual aboard the No Politics, as "Big D" is fond of saying: "Fishing should be done in t-shirts!" After all, if fishing was all about high pressure and fancy clothes, it wouldn't be much fun!



No Politics Charters
Contact Information

Captain Dave "Big D" Atkinson
U.S.C.G licensed Captain


Email Captain Dave

Boat Location:

Whale Harbor Marina
Mile Marker 83.5
Islamorada, Florida Keys

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 1383
Islamorada, Florida Keys 33036

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